European Food Education Season 2015-2018


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European Food Education Season

The EFES European project

A vector of European values

The project favors cross cultural identities and the discovery of new cultures by means of a network of European exchange. It allows the young learners to integrate the experience of an international voyage into their academic life. This enhances their curriculum and adds substantial value to their future professional activities.


The actors of the project

Supported and financed by the European Committee, the EFES is a multicultural project brought forth by the city of Tours. Different French, Polish, and Romanian actors are involved in this partnership, all of whom aiming at valuing and transmitting their culinary culture.

  • City of Tours, France
  • CFA of Tours, France
  • IEHCA, France
  • University François-Rabelais, France
  • University of Toruń, Poland
  • American Hotel Academy of Braşov, Romania

New methods to transmit knowledge

By crossing several domains of competence, the project envisions the creation of tools and support to the development of young learners by means of ITC (Information Technology and Communication) and computers. The objective is to propose new teaching tools that allow for the comparison of different approaches and practices within culinary work. Likewise, it encourages exchanges and good practice among the actors of the academic and professional world as well as the body of teachers and students and the employees working within the food service.


Gastronomy culture in professional education

The transmission of gastronomy history and culture plays a major role in preparing the future professionals of restaurant and hotel management. The activities of the EFES are integrated to pedagogical projects of different structures. Throughout the year, learners are confronted with situations of research and production.


Valuing and preserving our heritage

The exploration of new culinary worlds and the discovery of different approaches and terroirs are some of the opportunities for the students to acquire varied knowledge and know-how and to gain a historical, cultural, and regional view on products, practice, and professional techniques. Such knowledge will allow them to value, preserve, and transmit their culinary heritage.


Three years of encounters

Spring Schools are truly highlights of the project and are organized in each partner city - Tours (2016), Toruń (2017) et Braşov (2018). Each week of activities gathers involved partners and actors as well as guest speakers and the public itself. For the learners, the Spring School represents the opportunity to present the outcome of their research work and to apply them into their practical work. The program encompasses theme seminars and conferences  held by specialists, workshops to discover the terroir, the cuisine of the different partners as well as cuisine courses and contests run by the chefs.


Handing down food heritage

Approach to intercultural studies

Polish food heritage

Romanian Cuisine

Touraine’s food heritage France

The goose in contemporary and ancient cuisines

Freshwater fish


Traveling exhibition on the EFES project

Goose feathers Exhibition realized by apprentices of CFA Tours for the EFES project

European partners

Ville de ToursCity of Tours, France: project pilot, EFES is part of the International Cité of Gastronomy.





CFA Ville de Tours

CFA of Tours, France : a learner’s center that gathers 1000 students each year, half of whom have applied for the course « hotel management and food service .»






IEHCAIEHCA, France : The European Institute for the History and Cultures of Food from Tours. Cultural and scientific development agency specialized in Food Studies.





University François-Rabelais, France :  High Education establishment that developed an alimentation pole, which aims at encouraging research and training in food studies.





Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland: University site with more than 27,000 students and 2,000 researchers. Food Studies cover a strategic dimension and are taught in an interdisciplinary fashion by means of several departments.





BrasovAmerican Hotel Academy de Braşov, Romania: an establishment that proposes High Education and professional programs specialized in the hotel-management, food service, and tourism.






The EFES project is supported and financed by the European Commission.